Family- and veteran-owned, our story begins in 1988 with three people working from a trailer in a small open field. Now, Unlimited Welding is over 30 team members strong, all working at a state-of-the-art production facility in Orlando, Florida. Certified, highly skilled and passionate about our craft, we are a team that always puts our all into our work and never shies away from a challenge. As welding and metalworking experts with over 35 years of experience, we’ve earned our reputation for being a safe, swift and detail-oriented team, working alongside development companies, architects, designers, institutions and corporations. Our unwavering commitment to our craft and our clients is what has led us to opportunities across the state, country and globe, creating and erecting quality metal fabrication projects and unique metal creations that make a real difference.

Brian Smith President

Brian Smith


Brian brings a wealth of experience and a lifelong passion for welding and quality control to everything he does. As President of Unlimited Welding Inc. Brian’s responsibilities include managing company operations, overseeing detailed and precise take off of materials for various projects, and compiling information for estimates on all potential bids. He also takes care of developing strategies and goals to ensure company growth and position in the marketplace; approving, directing, and delegating the implementation of quality management system and company policies; and estimating and reviewing all the potential opportunities that Unlimited Welding receives. Brian’s commitment to hard work has always been unwavering, first working as a laborer at Welding Specialties Inc. in Schererville, Indiana at the age of 14, serving in the United States Marine Corps from 1980 to 1983, honing his craft in a union apprenticeship between 1984 and 1988, then starting Unlimited Welding in 1988. With his countless years of knowledge, he makes sure to keep Unlimited Welding heading in a positive direction and winning the right projects.

Bonnie Smith Chief Financial Officer

Bonnie Smith

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO of Unlimited Welding Inc. Bonnie’s responsibilities range from managing overall company operations to guiding the financial success of the company. Bonnie also takes care of reviewing and approving all major estimates, revising and executing all major contracts, managing all legal issues, approving all major investment purchases, and reviewing all financial reports. After three decades of extensive training seminars with OSHA, implementing a high standard safety program at UWI has truly become her passion. From hands-on training to group meetings, her safety program is second to none. Bonnie’s main focus will always be the safety of her employees.

Robert Rutherford Senior Project Manager

Robert Rutherford

Senior Project Manager

Robert’s been part of the Unlimited Welding team since 1997 and his responsibilities as well as his years of experience showcase his passion and expertise. Serving in a pivotal role, Robert holds the responsibility of consolidating all relevant information before it reaches the shop floor. He oversees and directs the drafting, engineering, purchasing and specialty item processes that culminate in the production phase. Additionally, Robert is the driving force behind developing detailing standards, managing detailers and ensuring that all drawings meet project requirements. His role extends to handling RFIs, managing the drawing approval process and overseeing the distribution of drawings. Robert is a point of contact for project managers and vendors, resolving any issues that may arise. His thoughtful approach, combined with years of experience, makes him an invaluable asset to the company's operations and project execution.

Shane Smith Vice President

Shane Smith

Vice President

As the overseer of all written quality control procedures, Shane plays a crucial role in maintaining and upholding the highest standards throughout the organization. Since joining Unlimited Welding in 2014 after serving in the United States Marine Corps, Shane’s been involved in implementing cutting-edge educational methods for inspection, collaborating with Detailing and Fabrication Process management, and training employees on relevant areas and emerging technologies beneficial for the company. Shane is also our Certified Weld Inspector and is responsible for managing all the welding operations and procedures. He actively promotes awareness of customer requirements throughout the organization, reviews the quality management system at defined intervals and communicates with external parties on matters related to quality management systems. Shane's dedication to quality, safety and continuous improvement is unmatched, making him a key member of our team.

Jermaine Hudson Shop Foreman

Jermaine Hudson

Shop Foreman

Jermaine's journey with Unlimited Welding began in 2016, covering various positions and showcasing his versatility. His dedication and expertise quickly propelled him to the role of Shop Foreman in 2018. His day-to-day responsibilities include managing and maintaining all necessary resources for employees across various jobs, reviewing detail sheets with shop workers to ensure precision and accuracy, overseeing the availability of materials and equipment for production, and ensuring the readiness of trailers for loading and shipping. With a multifaceted skill set, Jermaine plays a vital role at Unlimited Welding, contributing to our company's and our clients’ success with his relentless pursuit of excellence in the fabrication process.

Nelson Madruga Project Manager

Nelson Madruga

Project Manager

Shortly after graduating from the University of Central Florida, Nelson joined the Unlimited Welding team. He started as an Assistant Project Manager in 2017 and has been learning and growing with our company ever since. Nelson’s responsibilities include reviewing project requirements, estimating, material take off, field measuring, detailing, checking, and purchasing materials. He takes care of all these responsibilities and more while supporting his fellow project managers and estimators. Nelson is a vital part of our team and is always ready to do what it takes to rise to the next challenge.

Susan Reaves Accounts Payable

Susan Reaves

Accounts Payable

Susan has been with Unlimited Welding since 2000. She utilizes ProContractor for all employee documentation, job costing, accounts payable and all payroll reports. She’s been in the industry for over twenty years and we are grateful to have her as a part of our team.

Nicky Marjama Accounts Receivable

Nicky Marjama

Accounts Receivable

Nicky started with Unlimited Welding shortly after our beginning. She’s responsible for all the billing, NTOs, contract procurement, and equipment rental and repairs. She handles all of that and more with care and grace. We would not be where we are today without Nicky’s relentless dedication.


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